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I have a spare Raspberry Pi laying around just waiting to do something.  I stumbled across the “Hyper-local Weather Dashboard: Wunderground + Pi Sense HATproject“. I’m still waiting for the Sense HAT to come back in stock so that part of the project will be completed at a later date.

The average person talks about the weather four times a day, for an average of 8 minutes and 21 seconds. Do the math and that totals 10 months of your life that you will spend yapping about the weather. The weather ranks as the #1 go-to topic for conversation starters and uncomfortable silence breakers. If we are going to talk about it that much, we might as well take our weather street cred to a whole new level. This super-fun and easy project will leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and a Raspberry Pi to do just that.

We are going to build our very own hyper-local weather dashboard, capturing the weather inside and outside our house over time. The next time someone asks you “how about the weather lately?”, you will be able to whip out your phone and leave them breathless with your mad weather analysis skillz ☀️.

Tutorial and code for using the Raspberry PI Sense HAT plus Wunderground to create a personal weather dashboard.

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